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To say everyone wasn’t happy at the result was something of an understatement. The result had stunned everyone ‘we’re out said one of the fire fighters’. The fire station mess room was amass with fire extinguishers and waiting cleaning but the focus was defiantly on the current political turmoil so far away from here. Yesterday’s conversation that did get a little heated regarding the consequences of an out vote had come swiftly to fruition. Most of the fire fighters who sat around the mess room table in the village fire station who normally gave loud voice of opinion was somewhat mute this morning. There was a ground swell of questions reflecting yesterday’s comments such as does that mean we’ll have to get visas to go on holiday to Spain, will we be refused health care when we’re on holiday in Europe, with regard to immigration, where do we send people who enter the UK illegally if they have no proof of identification. Fire Marshal Training in London was defiantly not on the agenda as too anything to do with fire or training or anything else other than the self interested concern of ‘what’s happens now’? The television was on in the corner of the room while others listened quietly to their personal radio links on their ‘phones and tablets and between comments of concern people picked up on what was being reported.

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News had just come in that the shadow cabinet was in turmoil and that the prime minister had resigned gosh! Changing times or what one of the fire-fighters said. Another commented that if a week was a long time in politics what about a morning like this? The morning had cast up months of political action and it was just 10am. It was reported by one of the fire fighters that Scotland was getting loud again with ‘that woman’ saying that she would commence a dialogue with Europe regarding her countries position. Everything was changing very quickly many of the people around the table commented. Some said in mock humour (it was thought) make London an independent state in Europe! The ideas and comments were getting rather silly but it did show how in awe of the situation everyone was. Manual Handling Training in London was something that could be so very much an interesting draw to many as it deflected the subject from the nervous situation that everyone felt that they were in.

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One of the team perked up that there were other developments on the horizon and everyone went quite. What else could happen this morning ‘perhaps it’s the fire, theft and Viking raids that Cameron had promised if we leaved the E.U. commented one of the member of the fire stations older fire fighters! Everyone laughed as they had done when obvious desperation was driving the agenda. Upon reflection some of the comments were worthy of pinning on the mess room table, pension collapse to wholesale financial collapse of the £, things had got a bit silly in the heat of the moment. Fire Training London they were obviously witnessing a very significant time with such movement and so fast. Then there was the spectre of the leader of the labour party being deposed, could anything stop the seismic changes that were afoot. It was being reported that the shadow cabinet was revolting with a predicted half being projected to resign. I suppose he could do all the jobs himself. Oh! Health and Safety Consultants UK offered one voice at the back of the room. A bit difficult for someone who doesn’t seem comfortable with the lime light said one of the number.

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With lots of comments flying around the table one of the fire fighters commented that even the politicos were not in the quandary that they found themselves around the table. I think I’ll just cash my pension in and move to Russia said one of the fire fighters. But you’ve only served 18 months commented another! Everyone laughed at the thought of a twenty-two year old who had only been in the job for 18 months packing his bags and moving to Russia. Health and Safety Consultants in London were to be called upon maybe for some balanced comments on the unfolding situation. The situation was moving so quickly that no one’s comments seemed to be relevant for long as when one someone commented on fact, the situation would change and the fact would no longer be relevant. News was coming through that at least half the shadow cabinet were preparing to resign! This news pilled upon the already stunning news that by lunch time that day they could be looking at a completely new crop of faces on the television. So we have labour and conservatives fighting themselves and not each other commented one fire-fighter, haven’t they lost the plot on how the game is supposed to be played then? Everyone laughed but then nobody had anticipated this scenario a couple of days ago.

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There was a pleasant aroma of coffee coming from the mess-room kitchen and some of the fire-fighters began to migrate towards the coffee machine. Pastries were placed on a large pate together with cold sausages and other food stuffs that would plug holes in tummies and allow for more conversation around this perplexing subject. Image if all of the MPs retired from both parties and we were elected in their place! one said. Yeah, despite all of our good words when stuff needed to be done in parliament we would respond by making coffee and pastries! Everyone found the comment true but funny.

It had got to the stage that whenever anyone made a comment it all got much sillier. The conversation began to reflect some of the comments made during the referendum in that everyone knew that they were being sold silly comments and just followed the leaders like robots! The television was still reflecting the swiftly unfolding situation with journalists ‘camping out’ of the politicos houses waiting to get them to ‘make more news’. This was a day that would surly go down in history.

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