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The fire station main garage where the fire engines were kept and lovingly maintained was swept and moped, it looked spectacular. Today was a very special day in the life of the village fire station. Today was ‘D’ Day – delivery day on which new fitness machines were to be installed. Three elliptical cross trainers, free weights and exercise bikes were among the inventory. Health and Safety Consultants UK thought one of the team. A large space usually kept for bits and pieces had had a pull screen installed and would house the equipment. There was great anticipation from everyone right up to the fire station manager. The funds to purchase the equipment had been hard fought for and no one really knew how they had been successful but, no one really cared at this juncture.


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Fire Marshal Training London had been rumoured to have been in the frame but who knows, who really cares as long as the kit is installed, the photographs taken for the local newspaper and fire press and then hopefully they’ll all go away and let the station be a fire station again. Some screening had to be done to the floor as it was a bit bumpy and that would never do with these expensive machines. The main concourse in front of the fire station had been kept clear for days in the fear that the delivery lorry might turn up early and the great plan ground to a halt. Today there were signs and tape like some major crime scene warning all to keep clear – all for some gym kit one less than impressed older fire-fighter had complained.

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There was time for a swift brew and sit down before the kit arrived enthused one member of the ‘impressed’ team stated. Everyone hoped against hope that there wasn’t a shout otherwise the fire station manager would be left to co-ordinate the installation and everyone knew that if that happened the delivery people would probably pack up and go with a quarter of an hour. Everyone thought the fire station manager had been promoted to that dizzy height to get rid of her off the crews. She wasn’t like leading fire-fighter Alison who was a great man-manager at all.


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The cups clinked in the kitchen area of the mess and someone had the presence of mind to thrown some biscuits onto a plate or two. As soon as the offering was dropped on the mess table with a bump and crash everything had vanished. Hungry people this watch are or greedy one of the two thought the duty chef. Manual Handling Training London was a subject that would in the weeks to come envelope the fire station as the free weights were brought in on a trolley. Guess these blokes don’t practice what they preach smirked one of the team.

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The T.V. droned on about some election or referendum or something everyone in the room was so desensitized to the debate that they just wanted to see the back of it and get the post-decision analysis over, that was bound to last a week. Cheap T.V. for the news companies and a chance for the MPs to be (as they always want to be) centre stage was a conversation being had at the rear of the room.

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Everyone jumped up as soon as they heard the honking of the delivery lorry in the main driveway. At last! The kit was here and after all the media fuss they would be permitted to use it as designed. The fire station manager made her way to the photographers who had come to film the event and the hand-over. Health and Safety Consultants London had to be held back. She looked as if she had just stepped out of some tailors shop with new uniform and a hair cut to boot. Typical everyone thought unable to really speak their minds for fear of the onslaught of political correctness that had long since stifled constructive comment.

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The kit was impressive and even those who could hardly be referred to as gym bunnies looked on in quiet reflection. So this is what they’ve all been raving about said one older member of the ensemble to another. I always wondered what the heck an elliptical cross trainer was. There was some muttered comment in reply that would defiantly get the political correctness brigade’s blood at instant boiling point.


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The older member of the group had already taken some advice from his daughter who was an everyday gym goer. He had even visited the gym in the village next to them in order to get some ‘Fitness Instructor’ advice. He was quietly well up for it.

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