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Busy was not the word for it as the fire-fighters supervised by leading fire-fighter Alison worked towards gather all the necessary resources to complete the current mission. Leading fire-fighter Alison was somewhat beside herself as she had just learnt that she had successfully passed her Institute of Fire Engineers qualifications so she was now a member of IFE and with a firm eye on becoming a Chartered Fire Engineer even her station manager had congratulate her. Indeed she was obviously destined for greatness. Fire Marshal Training London would be provided by her using her own course that she had developed. Leading fire-fighter Alison was a star in the making and didn’t spare the rod when it came to getting things right first time, every time. Despite her fanaticism for perfection all the watch secretly thought greatly of her as she was always there if you needed something. Some of the fire-fighters found out that she did a lot at Moreton – in-the Marsh at the fire service collage and that stood for a lot with these guys. It had been a gradual move from really despising her to now respecting her as a leader.


All the team had assembled down in the garage to get started on the big clean-up that had been planned by the station manager for some time. The place had got a bit scruffy and it was pretty fair comment to say that she shouldn’t have to play mum to grown fire-fighters and that clean as you go would save all this hassle. Manual Handling Training London was sadly going to have to wait all were afraid. The big stiff brooms that were no longer serviceable enough to live in the fire engine side locker were broken out together with an old hose or two and the garage cleared of any loose articles. Then the big hose down and everyone grabbed a broom for the sweep-through. It was jolly hard work I should say but very rewarding to look back at a once scruffy work space to see somewhere that looked cared for.


By the time they had finished and looked back at what seemed like a garage out of a TV programme as it was so clean and tidy everyone pilled upstairs. Health and Safety Consultants London they cried as they all barged into the mess. The station manager had filled the long mess table with ginger beer jugs and lots of doughnuts, what a day, Fire Marshal Training



Fire Marshal Training






















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