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The morning after the day before all the fire-fighters set to in a bid to brandish the shiniest fire extinguisher in the fleet. Liberty boats were tided-to for the rest of the forenoon watches, uckers lashed and stowed and the tea boat placed beyond anyone’s reach. There was chatter being had with reference to the sods opera that was to be thrown in the main hanger in a week or two with tinnys aplenty for the off-duty watch. Gangways had already started to be buffed and cleaned to a shine and the upper-deck were to have their regular c & a party on the first night that the ship got in and tied-to. The lads had been buffing the hanger floor with mechanical buffing machines that were an absolute pain to hold-to.

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They seemed to have their own mind and were determined to go for a walk in the opposite direction that you wanted to go. The buffers party had been given rather a lot of work for this event so the sods opera was a way the upper-deck could ensure the lads let off steam before making an absolute pain of themselves ashore. That evening an old bed-sheet or two had been used to throw up a film for the lads so the unlucky saw the latest movie but the wrong way around! Great after a few tinnies when you try to read the writing on-screen. Old navy news issues were used to sit on as sitting on the hanger deck was like sitting on th deck of the antartic. Fire Marshal Training London they all thought in desperation to the oncoming task of skirmishing every gangway on the ship. Every mess deck had their little secret stowages usually in the air ducts to hide tinnys for the big night. There was no time to get a batch of hooch on at this late call so extra tinnys were the order of the day although you’d never see it in print in the daily orders.


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The lads had just watched davenport field gun crew thrash the wafus on an old film that someone had had the presence of mind to stow in his personal kit. If that had got ditched in some scranbag it would have drawn a crowd of bidders when the stuff was actioned. Where to stick the D.C. stamp was anyone’s guess. That after all was why the Joss got paid so many beer vouchers. The sound of ‘ram it mate I’m r.d.p’ drifted up from the main galley as everyone hurried to secure and leave to senior rates. Fire Training London was not really on anyone’s minds as everyone in the mess had at least three or four years to do before becoming a civvy any three or four years might as well have been three lifetimes ahead.

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There were the usual huddle who tried to work out how they would wangle a make and mend with leave for the first night in but had drawn a blank up until now. That’s not to say they would continue to work on the idea. Anything to get one over on the regys and thus the fleet master himself. When a couple of lads ventured up-top they could smell the dubs 40 that the wafus were throwing on the cabs. There wasn’t a helicopter on-deck that didn’t shine in the moon light. Wish they could go off and do something useful thought one of the lads like get our mailys in. He hadn’t received a letter from home in a month and was beginning to fear the worst about that girl he’d met the night before they sailed. R.O.C.B was written on every heads bulkhead from 2a1 down.


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The cash had run out as usual so everyone was on pusser’s blues (blue liners) they tasted like they would rip your throat out but it was something to some and cheap? Well they might as well have given them away. Health and Safety Consultants London was years in the future indeed ask them about health and safety and they would have probably said you got to switch the urn off in the coffee boat before you start to clean it. Everyone was trying to work out how to save enough cash for a decent run when they got ashore. No one secured an answer!


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 A glance at the watch told them it was nearly time to turn-to again, the excuse of making a quick trip to the naafi canteen was bound to wear thin with this new p.o. he was too keen for this place they thought Manual Handling Training London. He even checked when you said that you weren’t adrift when you were late turning to as you had to visit the sick bay. One of the boys had even ended up in front of the commander because of him just for turning to a bit late.


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