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A further Romford incident was reported the other day although one has to contextualise the situation as it was a rather nice day especially if lunch hour was extended and the ability to arrange ones picnic things in the park become apparent. Fire Marshal Training London would have been the furthest thing from anyone’s minds. Then to break the peace and quite a call was sent out to the fire service as a fire became established at an industrial park The fire service deployed twenty-one personnel in 4 engines at 1910.


There was some small damage sustained to the outside of the fabric of the building with the fire service declaring the incident under control with an hour of arrival. They fire service personnel it is understood donned breathing apparatus to attend to their duties. Manual Handling Training London really isn’t a problem for this area due to its close proximity to the centre of town and great travel infrastructure.


Romford is a really great area to commute from as it is only about fourteen or fifteen miles from town and Health and Safety Consultants London are really close to answer all of your important questions. Romford is in East London and really is a big town with lots of shops and things Fire Marshal Training






fire trainng london logo

Abridged transcript of the original communication made and owned exclusively by London Fire Brigade.



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