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An individual had a pretty fortunate get-out after smoke drew his attention to a smoke alarm that started to emanate noise in his property in Haringey. He got up swiftly and vacated the premises like a bolt out of the blue prior to the fire service getting to his house. The fire service were summoned at 1322 and responded quickly by sending over twenty-one fire personnel to his home in fire engines and personnel from 2 fire stations. Fire Marshal Training London are always on the look out for this type of successful escape especially in summer when things tend to catch fire easily. It’s really good that no one was hurt in this incident though as the man was sensible and had a functioning smoke alarm.



Much of the property was damaged beyond repair in this incident but Manual Handling Training London can always be relied on to provide really great training to their client base including all that free stuff that is always in obvious demand. Sometimes the fires are so ferocious in the wilderness and forest area that can be fanned by flames and made so much worse. Fires can be tackled by aircraft and personnel on the ground though.


In summer time authorities maintain that things get much worse as stuff dries out and makes the whole environment like a tinder box, very dry and easy to catch alight. The main problems occur when people refuse to leave their properties and this makes added problems for the authorities. Health and Safety Consultants London always say get out and stay out is the best policy as you can replace property but you can’t replace people Fire Marshal Training








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