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Fire Marshal Training London 

At Fire Training London we provide fully certified Fire Marshal and Manual Handling Training pursuant to Criminal Law requirements for each concern. As demanded in the Criminal Law we also have a consultancy service that provides the required post-course certification meeting the required standards of (click for access)  C.Q.C Inspectors, Local Authority E.H.Os and HM Inspectors.

At Fire Training London we feel our fees are reasonably priced from £175/Group for our Fully Certified Fire Marshal Training & Manual Handling Training. Courses - not bad when you figure-in the 12 months worth of technical support & legal representation?

Fire Training London course certification and technical support post our Trainers visit is provided by our founder who holds a number of post graduate degrees in risk related interests including a Higher Degree in Occupational Health and Safety Management from a UK University. Past accreditation of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and has prior to setting up FTL held Directorships on two major international organizations' boards.

90% of our work at Fire Training London is generated via 'word of mouth' that has sustained progressive corporate growth since our inception in the early 2Ks. Our founders ex-military connections has added to our interesting international mix of clients. This mix of high-level corporate together with very senior ex-military connections has forged FTL into a quiet tiger.


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As noted above, we also offer a years worth of support with our Fire Marshal, Manual Handling & other subject provision. This is provided after our Trainer has presented your onsite fully certified courses. Whether you instruct Fire Awareness Training, Fire Warden Training as it's sometimes referred to / Fire Marshal Training & Manual Handling Training. If your staff are a little bit unsure of anything they can contact us for help and clarification or login to our e-Learning courses - free of fee..


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Overview of Training:

  • - The chemistry of fire.
  • - Combustion, heat transfer and fire class.
  • - The main causes of workplace fires.
  • - Types of extinguisher &  how to use on different fires.
  • - Detection, warning systems & extinguishing equipment.
  • - Fire risk assessment and the tools provided.
  • - Current fire safety law.

Our fire training London takes account of the Fire Safety Order 2005.


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In our training it is not unusual for similar questions to pop up from delegates. These questions may address concerns regarding legal documentation and checks that Fire Marshals or Safety Reps may be asked to carry out. We even get asked how to carry out own Fire Risk Assessment and ensure that all the requirements are kept up to date.


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We have provided some of the questions & answers opposite. (or should we say below if you're using a smart phone). To show how our advice is both practical and easy to implement.



Fire Training in London

During our Fire Marshal Training in London we are regularly asked similar fire questions during our training presentations. We'll take a look at the top fire/manual handling questions that are asked during our training including what post-course support do we get and before we even get instructed clients ALWAYS ask us what qualifications do we hold in Fire Safety & Health and Safety and to prove it! We are regularly asked for copies of our EL, PL and Professional Liability as a standard opener.


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What Fire Safety Documentation. should we work towards building?


As with any management address it is. informed to set out what one is attempting to manage - in this case fire safety. How you intend to do it and who in you organisation does what and when to get things done. To put a name tag on this process we could refer to it as building your fire policy and delegation of authority.


You may wish to have some basic fire safety procedures to support the above and some 'standard' fire safety checks, tests. & inspections that your people, perhaps with the help of outside contractors for some more specialized tasks. carry out at pre-agreed times. To achieve this your people will inevitably require a measure of fire training. Key will be to ensure that your work is risk based. And to finish their answer our Trainers normally provide. the reassuring words 'email the office & they'll send you worked fire examples'.



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What checks should our Fire Marshals or Safety Reps be asked to carry out?


 The answer is very dependent upon your workplace and the finding laid down in your formal fire risk assessment. During our fire warden training we brief your people on the requirements of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. All of our Fire Safety Trainers suggest delegates should contact the office if they feel a little unsure about any issues including documentary and they will be provided with electronic copies of fire safety policies, procedures, risk assessment templates etc.



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How do we carry out a fire risk assessment of our workplace?


Our training does cover this vital issue but delegates always look to see if they can secure any further help. They are advised that in addition to email support and help over the 'phone we provide templates that 'gently & painlessly' guide your people through the whole process - as they say step by step with no step skipped! 

Why is Manual Handling included in your provision?

If we are training workplace risk it is informed to argue that manual handling is central to any workplace. When one considers fire safety it is clear that this training will form an essential element to an informed risk control strategy.


FTLs Holistic Address to Corporate Risk Management

As part of our holistic address to corporate risk management we also provide a comprehensive digital forensic service that naturally includes pen-testing. We are regularly instructed in the field of  DoS attacks that include 'Ping of Death' and 'Teardrop' attacks. 







Low Cost Fire Training London

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